Erie Mom Authors Book on Positive Parenting

Jennie Askins' new book is called 'Connecting Within: A Mother's Journey to Balance, Peace & Joy'

August 15, 2019

Editor's note: I've known Jennie Askins since she started the Single Mom Empowerment Group that meets monthly at the Juice Jar. As a divorced single mom, Jennie Askins has been inspired to help other single mothers through the creation of the empowerment group. She also privately coaches moms to live their best life right now and is a certified meditation coach. I find her optimism and positive attitude an inspiration and am glad she's sharing that point of view in her new book,  "Connecting Within: A Mother's Journey to Balance, Peace & Joy."  It is available now in soft cover and e-book form. 

Here's more about Jennie's book:

Being a mother is far from easy. But motherhood can become effortless when you are living every day from a place of inner strength, peace, and confidence. As mothers, we must stop trying to look outside ourselves for happiness and fulfillment and realize that we can achieve peace, balance, and true joy by connecting within—and getting to know ourselves. 

In Connecting Within, coach Jennie Askins will help moms find positive ways to look at parenting. With a meditation, a personal growth challenge, and an affirmation at the end of each chapter, Askins will help guide you and give you the clarity you need to become the best mom you can be. 

This book will help you: 

  • Become calmer and more confident.
  • Bring about positive change in the way you parent.
  • Help you create a better balance in your life.
  • Adopt more positive ways of thinking.
  • Start looking at motherhood as a true spiritual calling.
  • Accept where you are on the journey.

When we first become mothers, we sometimes fall into the trap of thinking we no longer matter. Askins reassures you that you do matter and that you deserve to be happy. Motherhood is a long and winding path but it is possible to enjoy every minute of it. This book will share techniques for self-care that will enable you to enjoy a more peaceful motherhood journey.