Get A FREE Letter From the Tooth Fairy For Your Child!

Simply fill out this form to get a free personalized letter from the Tooth Fairy!

By Kara Murphy February 25, 2021

Macaroni Kid Erie and Iszkula Orthodontics are excited the Tooth Fairy asked us to be her helper! 

We are helping the Tooth Fairy out by sending FREE personalized letters out to kids! 

The letter will come right to your email inbox. You can print it out and leave it under your child's pillow the next time a tooth wiggles out!

The letter includes lots of fun facts about the tooth fairy, including her favorite dance, sport, and even her favorite joke!

Simply fill out this form to get your FREE personalized letter from the Tooth Fairy today:

A big toothy thank you to:

Iszkula Orthodontics!

Thanks so much to Iszkula Orthodontics for helping to make the Tooth Fairy letter possible! Partners like Iszkula Orthodontics make it possible for Macaroni Kid Erie to remain completely free for our thousands of subscribers.

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