Check It Out! Erie County Public Library Adds Take-Home Maker Kits

Learn to make jewelry, sharpen knives or discover the art of printmaking, all at home!

February 25, 2021

Erie County Public Library has added take-home maker kits to its Idea Lab programming. 

Kits provide an opportunity for patrons to create and make, independent of the patron’s ability to visit the Idea Lab in person. They extend the Idea Lab experience to library users anywhere, at any time. 

Patrons can request and pick up kits in the same fashion as other library materials: By placing a request through Erie County Public Library’s online catalog or by calling 814-451-6927 to reserve one.

Kits are a permanent addition to the library’s collection and will continue even once the library resumes in-person service. 

The first batch of maker kits includes a jewelry-making kit, a printmaking kit, and a knife sharpening kit. Coming soon are a cosplay maker kit and a podcasting maker kit.

Each kit includes paper instructions and online resources found here.

The printmaking kit includes all needed materials. 

The jewelry making and knife sharpening kits include tools to complete the project; patrons will supply their own materials.  

Each kit can be checked out for three weeks with a limit of one kit per library card. Kits are designed for independent use by ages 15 and up. Younger children may complete with adult supervision. 

“The kits are a fun way to reach patrons who are at home and missing the creative atmosphere and equipment of our Idea Lab,” says Patrick Moran, library assistant to the Idea Lab. “We think they can be used by all patrons, whether working solo or as a team. Educators looking to spice up their  curriculum can easily adapt our take-home kits to work in a classroom setting.” 

Upcoming Maker Kit Demos

The Idea Lab will be demonstrating projects to go hand and hand with our Maker Kits. Each event will be broadcast live on the library's Facebook page.

Upcoming FB live events include:

March 1 at 6 p.m.: Printmaking – Monotype 

Join the Idea Lab staff as they explore the art of printmaking. In this session they will demo how to make a monotype, a technique that creates one impression from a prepared plate.

March 17 at 3pm: Printmaking – Relief Prints

Dive into the art of printmaking with the Idea Lab Staff. In this session they will demo how to make a relief print. Relief prints are created by cutting or etching a design into a surface and then transferring that design using ink.

March 22 at 6 p.m.: Washer Jewelry

Join the Idea Lab staff as they demo how to make a necklace using a metal washer and scrapbook paper. This is a beginner-level project for those interested in jewelry making.