Scholarships Available for Erie Children Enrolled in Summer Preschool

Preschool available during the summer months at no cost to qualifying families

By Kimberly Beers June 9, 2021

It feels like summertime and families are happily testing the waters with local trips, small gathering with friends….and summer preschool!

Some families were hesitant to try preschool during the height of the pandemic, and now wonder if there is something available to help orient their pre-school-aged child to in-person learning before the 2021-2022 school year. 

COVID cases are on the steady decline and preschool centers are expertly navigating the safety protocols – for over a year now! 

It’s time to try again.

Summer is a great time to try preschool because there is ample opportunity for outdoor learning, smaller class sizes, and it definitely provides the needed socialization that our children need.

Summer scholarships available

Erie’s Future Fund Scholarships, administered by Early Connections, partners with high-quality early care and education centers to provide preschool during the summer months. Through the generous support of our local donors, Erie’s Future Fund has summer scholarships available for either 3 or 5 half days per week (up to 3 hours per day), and for up to 11 weeks this summer at participating scholarship locations. 

To qualify for a scholarship, children must be within 2 years of Kindergarten eligibility, reside in Erie County, and be from income eligible families. 

All it takes to apply is completing a simple, one-page application with the Scholarship Director. This year, to ensure a quick turnaround time, the applications are electronic. Paper applications are available for families who need them. 

To find out more about the Erie’s Future Fund Scholarship and how to apply email: or call: 814-874-0144 x 15.

Happy Summer!