Bethel Christian School

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Bethel School Age Summer Camp 

Looking for a safe Christian Summer Camp experience for your child? Bethel offers summer camp for children exiting Kindergarten thru 6th grade. Summer camp at Bethel works hard to mix structured activity with free time allowing our campers a great summer experience. 

We offer a variety of daily activities for our campers including STEM activities, Art, Outdoor & Inside Games and more. 

Bethel Daycare and Preschool

Bethel Daycare and Preschool still has a few openings available for next school year’s classrooms.                                   

Call 814-868-1070 or email for details. Tours are available by appointment. 

Bethel Daycare/Preschool has been open without any closures due to COVID since May 2020. The school reopened for the new school year on August 24th and has not had to close down rooms or the buildings. The Bethel ministries are following rigorous cleaning routines and following the CDC guidelines with success.      

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Business Review

I appreciate Bethel because of its fantastic staff. Each teacher is very dedicated to see each student succeed, exceptionally qualified to prepare students for college academics with a Biblical foundation, and genuinely loves every student and cares for their physical and spiritual well being!

Hayden T.

Graduate, class of 2019

I had the privilege to go to Bethel Christian School from Kindergarten to twelfth grade. Looking back on all the years and time that I have spent in the building, it is with certainty that I can say I would not be the person I am today had I not gone to Bethel. Not only have I had the privilege to learn and grow there, but I was also able to graduate and spread my wings, to come back and be able to coach volleyball, and then have my own children attend school. The opportunity to grow as a person and in my faith in God definitely was in response to the importance the school puts in God’s word on a daily basis.

Recently, I was able to attend Bethel’s 2020 graduation to witness my niece’s special day. It was not at all the experience I had in 1998 when I had been able to walk across the platform with 11 other graduates. When I was able to finish out my school career like all the other graduates before me and since, up until this year. But I can tell you the experience was still just as memorable, if not a little more so, due to the fact that it was in the parking lot and the majority of the people in attendance spent it in their cars. The thing that impressed me most was the fact that just as I had had a wonderful graduating experience, so did these seniors. It looked a little different but there was just as much pomp and circumstance as I had. The experience reminded me how much Bethel really cares and is committed to their students. Though the years have changed, though the staff and teachers may be different, the thing that I know will be true for my two children as I had experienced through my years at Bethel as a student is God is at the forefront. The one thing that still holds true and I am sure will continue is that God, the teaching of His Gospel is the cornerstone of Bethel’s mission and education.

Colleen H.

Graduate, class of 1998