FREE: Drive-Thru Easter Egg Hunt at Girard Alliance Church

April 3, 2021 10:00 am - 2:00 pm
Girard Alliance Church229 Rice Ave.Girard PA 16417
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Al families welcome! Please follow all COVID 19 guidelines & help us ensure we keep everyone safe). Come rain or shine!

Please stay in your cars and drive through to enjoy these stations with fun surprises along the way. At the end kids will have an opportunity to hunt for eggs “HUNT & GO” we will time families as they hunt for eggs we hope to capture excitement of the challenge to beat the car in front of you or even the best time of the day. Come check out the fun! At this time we will ask all to wear a mask. As families get out of the car, get eggs,and hop back in the car as a volunteer will time you ...then we will allow the next car to go.

1. First, there will be our Jelly Bean Easter DRIVE THRU Poem. 5 volunteers will be somewhat hidden but visible near the sign of their jelly bean color - can you spot them from your car? Say the poem as you go... the colors will appear in this order BLACK, RED, WHITE, YELLOW, & GREEN.

2. Second, A VERY BEARY BIG WIN .... we have been given the gift of GRACE through Jesus. This shows us that God Loves us “BEARY MUCH”! Count the bears on the bus.
The bears are excited to be “Aboard the Jesus Express Bus” and want you to come aboard too!
The number of bears on the bus will be revealed on a sign a little after you pass the bus! So remember your total and see how close you can get to the correct answer.

3. Third, He is Risen! Resurrection Egg Hunt nothing in these eggs. Just like the tomb was empty because “He is Risen” , but our hearts can be full because of Jesus. Count the total number of eggs as you go!
Christ arose from the grave in 3 days so we have included special signs for you to find 3 special eggs; these eggs will be communicated through signs as you continue thru the DRIVE THRU EGG HUNT.
The number of eggs will be revealed at the end near the Easter bunny see how close you can come to the correct number of eggs ?

4. Fourth, The Easter Bunny will be there at the “tail end” waving goodbye as you leave our DRIVE THRU EGG HUNT.

5. Fifth, NEW this year—we will enjoy a get out of your car Egg Hunt for families that will be timed. Hoping everyone enjoys the challenge of hunting for eggs and beating other families record breaking times.

Hope you can join us!



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