Airplane travel with kids: Getting there is half the fun

Local Disney travel agent offers Erie travel tips

By Jenni Irving, Love the Mouse travel agent February 28, 2018

As you start to plan your family vacation, whether it's to Disney World or elsewhere, one of the key questions you will encounter is, “How will you get there?”  Travel can be the most expensive part of your trip and set the tone for your entire vacation.  

In Erie, we are lucky to have plenty of choices when traveling by airplane. The Erie International Airport is the most convenient in terms of location, obviously,  but has limited destination options and higher fares than other area airports.  

We are fortunate in Erie to have several major airport options within a 2-hour radius.  Airports in Buffalo, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh all offer good options when searching for air travel.  Three tips on traveling with your family include:

  • Choose a nonstop flight. Buffalo, Cleveland and Pittsburgh airports provide nonstop service to popular destinations -- including Orlando, Fla. Nonstop flights are very important when traveling with children.  The less times you need to get on and off a plane, the smoother your trip will go.  Additionally, if you have a stop or a layover during your flight, there is a risk of the second plane being delayed or canceled and stranding your family at an airport that isn’t close to home or to your final destination.  
  • Research extra fees. Before deciding on a flight, make sure you've researched all extra fees that can be loaded on to your basic airfare. Most airlines charge baggage and carry-on fees these days -- extra charges that can get expensive fast when traveling with your family!  
  • Keep the kids happy. Make sure any electronic devices are fully charged before getting on the airplane, and that you have a full supply of alternative entertainment, like books, Crayons and games. Bring snacks as well, as most airlines charge for food during the flight. Bring along gum or lollipops for your kids as well -- sucking or chewing on them can help with discomfort during changes in air pressure. 

Traveling to and from your vacation destination is an important part of your trip!  Take the time to research which option is the best fit for your family by weighing all of your options.  

For help with any of your travel planning needs -- whether to Disney or elsewhere -- feel free to contact Jenni Irving at    


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