Create Your Own Valentine Wreath for Just $10

By Gwendolyn Dattage, publisher of Macaroni Kid St. George, Utah January 28, 2019

Nobody can beat me when it comes to holiday decorating!

My husband is always telling me that this year I should only decorate using what I already have. 

I just laugh. 

That's because I always have the itch to create! With Valentine's Day coming up, I have a few projects that I'm excited about trying, including this easy Valentine wreath. 

I love, love, love wreaths, and am always trying to come up with inexpensive ways to make them. This year I made my Valentine wreath for $10! 

Here's how I did it:

What you need:

  • 2 cookie racks
  • 2 rolls of tulle ribbon 
  • 2 rolls of thick ribbon 
  • 2 rolls of thin ribbon 
  • Valentine picks 
  • Heart, or sign for your wreath 
  • 1 Pkg of pipe cleaners and tape (Cut pipe cleaners in half)

I found all these items for $1 each. I already had tape and pipe cleaners at home, so if you don't have those, you can make the wreath for $12!


  1. Tape two cookie racks together. (You can use as many cookie racks as you want, depending on how big you want your wreath. I used two.)
  2. Take the ribbon and cut it into 3-inch to 4-inch strips, then use a pipe cleaner to tie the ribbons together in bunches (each bunch should have a length of tulle ribbon, thick ribbon, and thin ribbon).
  3. Use all of the ribbons to make lots of ribbon bunches. Use the leftover tulle to make bunches of just the tulle tied together. 
  4. Tie the bunches to the rack and interchange the triple ribbon bunches with the tulle-only bunches. (I did this all around the edges, placed my heart in the center and filled in the empty space with the extra ribbon bunches.)
  5. Once you have it assembled, add any picks or additional decorations you want! 
  6. Hang on your front door and enjoy your new wreath!

Watch our video for a complete tutorial! 

Gwendolyn Dattage is the publisher of Macaroni Kid in St. George, Utah.