Erie Mom Blogs We Love

Are you reading blogs written by local moms? Here's eight to check out!

By Kara Murphy, publisher of Macaroni Kid Erie August 22, 2019

I tend to live in my own little bubble, so it's always great to get new perspectives on parenting in Erie -- which is why I asked recently on Facebook a few weeks ago for leads on Erie parents who blog. I was happily surprised to find so many new blogs to follow!

I've been reading these blogs over the last few weeks, and love how honest and open these Erie moms are. I curated the list to include only those Erie moms who blog at least semi-regularly and at least once in the last two months or so. I've listed them here (in alphabetical order) so you can connect with and support these Erie moms too!

A Touch of Cass

This is the only one on the list I already followed. I used to be a coworker of Heather's at the Erie Times-News and have always loved her down-to-earth style. She's a great writer who always brings a sense of humor to her stories about parenting two teenage girls.

Dream Big and Buy the Shoes

Emelia is an Erie mom to a teen and a toddler who shares everything from her favorite taco casserole recipe (yum!) to updates on her sweet baby Bella. She shares about living with anxiety and how difficult pregnancy was for her. I love her honesty and perspective.

Earnest Mom

This mom arrived in Erie in 2015 and writes about parenting and how difficult it is in an open way that makes you think: 'I could be friends with her.'

The Elementary Library

Heather Hedderman is a mom to SIX and a full-time school librarian in the Wattsburg District -- and she still finds time to blog! She is planning on blogging about bringing STEAM projects to her library this school year. 

Life Addict By Nic

Nicole is a gorgeous Erie mom to three and a cancer survivor who writes about adventures like goat yoga at Presque Isle Wine Cellars and offers tutorials on things like putting together a wardrobe. I find her most moving posts are about her journey to a cancer-free life. Go Nic!

Mind Moxie Mama

Written by an Erie mom and licensed professional counselor, this blog focuses on parenting and mental wellness, the importance of self-care -- all in a positive and uplifting way that I find motivational.

The Schoolhouse Site

Laura Orlando is an Erie-area teacher and mom. She is full of creative crafting ideas for parents and kids -- and she's got a bunch of great free printables on her site to boot! 


This blog is written by a single mom to three, who moved to Erie five years ago. It's relatively new -- started in June -- but she has already established herself as a mom who can write about her struggles with a sense of humor.

Do you know of a blog by an Erie parent you'd like to see included here? Send me an email at so I can check it out!


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