Dear Jennie: How Can I Relax at Home?

12 easy ideas on how to de-stress at home

By Jennie Askins October 13, 2020

Dear Jennie, 

I feel a lot of stress because of the time we are in, but don't have the time to get away by myself like I feel like I need ... can you give me ideas on how to relax at home?


Dear Sue,

You are definitely not alone. I know many of us are feeling the same way, especially because of the pandemic and how much upheaval it's caused in our everyday lives.

I have many ideas for finding ways to reduce stress at home. I want to share with you the top 12 ideas that I know have worked for my clients.

1. You must schedule time for YOU 

Just like you pencil in other things on your calendar, schedule in YOU time. I cannot say this enough: If you do not take care of yourself and make time for you then you will not be as good for those around you.

2. Exercise

Any form of movement will help lower your stress level. Movement helps rid the body of pent-up tension. Exercise is especially good if you are dealing with some mild depression. I know with darker days coming a lot of people are affected by seasonal affective disorder. The key is to find an exercise that’s enjoyable to you so you will stick with it. Make exercising fun, not a chore.

3. Prayer or meditation

Prayer and meditation both help quiet your mind. When we create some silence and stillness in our day it helps us really connect within ourselves and nourish our own inner being. Find out more about the benefits of meditation:

4. Nap

Sometimes just taking a short power nap helps us, especially when we are feeling overwhelmed. Sleep is very healing so a quick nap does do the mind and body good!

5. Journaling

Journaling can be such a great way to de-stress if you enjoy writing. Set a timer for 10 to 15 minutes just to free flow write and empty out your thoughts. After about ten minutes of free-flow writing, your thoughts will start being very positive and you will start to become more optimistic. The secret to free-flow writing is to write in a way where you don't hold back and don’t judge yourself.

6. Sit in nature 

Being in nature is so good for the soul. Even when the weather gets colder going outside and just breathing in the fresh air for a few minutes will help you feel recharged.

7.  Read a good book

 A good book will help get your mind focused on something other than what you are worried about. 

8. Find some good quotes

If you are feeling sad then look up quotes that have to do with happiness. If you are feeling angry lookup quotes that have to do with peacefulness. If you are feeling insecure look up quotes that have to do with confidence. Finding quotes that speak to your experience can make you feel less alone.

9. Listen to music

Never underestimate the power of music. Any time I am doing tasks that feel mundane I put on some music and it instantly lifts my mood, making those tasks more bearable. I used to not like folding laundry. Now every time I fold laundry I have my music going and I actually find myself enjoying it. That’s my time to jam out and I am still being productive!

10. Organize!

Organize a room, a drawer or even a shelf. It is unbelievable how much lighter you feel emotionally. Don’t try and organize everything at once! Do baby steps little by little and enjoy the results.

11. Learn to say NO

You don’t have to be super mom, superwoman or superman. Learn to say no. Get in the habit of not answering right away when someone asks for your help, It is OK to say you need to think about it. Really think about it — don’t just say yes when you really want to say no. Saying yes when you don't want to adds more stress than you can imagine. 

12. Laugh!

If you have time turn on a funny movie or go watch something funny on YouTube. Laughter is really the best medicine. When you have a good laugh endorphins are released into your brain. 

Want more ideas? Reach out to me for more tips on how to relax at home!

Good luck and much love to you ,


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