10 Erie County Locations For Free Thanksgiving Meals

Businesses and organizations offering free Thanksgiving meals to those in need

By Kara Murphy November 11, 2020

This year has been unlike any other because of the pandemic, and many Erie County families are hurting financially because of the strain brought on by lost jobs or reduced hours. In addition, many Erie County residents will not be traveling, or will be celebrating the holidays alone or with just immediate family this year because of the pandemic. That means it might feel like a lonely and difficult day for some of those we love.

Luckily, Erie County businesses and organizations understand the difficulties this holiday brings and are doing more than their part to reach out and help people in need -- whether financially or emotionally -- this Thanksgiving by offering free meals to anyone, regardless of circumstance.

The United Way of Erie County put together a list of 10 businesses and organizations in Erie County offering free meals for Thanksgiving. Thanks to each of them for being so generous this holiday season!

Here are the details of where to get free Thanksgiving meals in Erie County in 2020:

(Click here for a PDF version if you'd like to print this list.)

Know of a business or organization offering free meals on Thanksgiving that is not listed here? Email and we will add it to the list!