10 Non-Toy Ideas for Your Erie Easter Baskets

Looking for Easter gift ideas that are practical and will keep their attention?

By Helen Partlow, publisher of Macaroni Kid Greater Port Jefferson, N.Y. and Kara Murphy, publisher of Macaroni Kid Erie, Pa. March 30, 2021

Toys and candy seem to be the go-to gifts to put into Easter baskets and eggs. While those can be fun, it also can be fun to think outside of the box!

Read on for 10 ideas on non-toy items — including some you can just get in Erie, Pa.! — to include in your child's Easter basket or to give as an Easter or spring gift.

1. Outdoor activities

Spring is a great time to get back outside! Gifts such as sidewalk chalk, bubbles, and kites help encourage kids to put down the tablets and head outside.

2. Classes

I love to encourage my kids to try new things they're interested in. So I like to give my kids a gift of classes! Need ideas? My kids are getting an introductory four-week class at the new Archery Encounters in their Easter basket! They also love art classes at RLB Art Studio and their taekwondo classes at Park's Taekwondo, which is currently running a special — 2 weeks of classes, with uniform for just $39.95!

3. Nature and science activities

Your budding scientist might enjoy a magnifying glass to get an even better look at that ladybug, a butterfly kit to learn about all the different phases up close and personal, or even a microscope or telescope!

4. Spring fun

With spring comes rain. Unleash your inner Peppa Pig and let them jump in those muddy puddles with a new raincoat, rain boots, and umbrella.

5. Tickets

It's a great time to plan ahead and purchase tickets to an attraction like Flying Monkey Inflata-Park! You can feel good about giving a great gift and supporting a locally owned business!

6. Summer needs

Summer is right around the corner! Gift a brand new bathing suit, towel, or sunglasses for the season ahead.

7. Craft supplies

Kids can never have enough craft supplies! Stickers, crayons, coloring books, paints, glue, tape, and craft kits ... if your kids are anything like mine, craft stuff can keep them entertained and happy for hours. Encourage that! 

8. Clothes

Socks and underwear certainly aren't top of the gift list, but how about pajamas or a new T-shirt with a favorite character or show? Short-sleeve weather is upon us and you know those bean sprouts are going to need new clothes anyway this summer!

9. Gardening

We're all spending more time at home these days, so this might be a great year for a garden! Get the kids excited about helping with gifts of gardening supplies, pots, seeds, and of course, their own gardening gloves. 

10. Books

Need I say more? There can NEVER be enough books!

Whatever you decide to get your child this year, something a little out of the box might be just what the Easter Bunny ordered!

Kara Murphy is the publisher of Macaroni Kid Erie. Helen Partlow is the publisher of Macaroni Kid Greater Port Jefferson, N.Y.