Hit the Bullseye on Family Fun at Erie's Archery Encounters

Archery Encounters is now OPEN in the Millcreek Mall complex!

By Kara Murphy May 19, 2021

I'm always looking for fun ways to spend time as a family that doesn't cost a ton and keeps us all entertained for more than 15 minutes.

So I was glad to find family classes at Archery Encounters, a brand new archery range in the Millcreek Mall complex (It's located on the bottom level of the building Ollie's is housed in). This isn't just for experienced archers: Owner Tim Case also hosts family classes, kid programs, and even date nights and birthday parties. 

Want to give Archery Encounters a try? 

Macaroni Kid Erie readers can use code MACKID1 to save 10 percent now on any Archery Encounters purchase!

We signed up for a month worth of classes for my two kids, ages 9 and 11, and my husband and me. We weren't sure what to expect as we were all new to archery, but we all had a great time. It was fun to watch the kids grow more confident each week and my husband and I had fun competing to see who could hit the most bullseyes (turns out, I lost that game again ... and again). You certainly don't need experience to take part — we certainly didn't have any! But that was fine as Archery Encounters provides instruction and all the equipment you need, though you are also welcome to bring your own. 

Check out some of our fun here:

Along with family classes like the one we took, Archery Encounters offers:

Explore Archery Program

The Explore Archery Program introduces children ages 5-17 to the sport of archery. Range Safety, Equipment, Shooting Form, Shot Execution and Scoring are taught in this 4-week course. Students also earn awards for their knowledge and achievements in each topic area. Plus, they get to pop balloons with an arrow! Use code MACKID1 to save 10% 

Party fun

Looking for unique birthday party fun for your child (...or yourself!)? Archery Encounters offers 2 hours of party fun! It includes all equipment, instruction and targets. You can bring your own food and decorations! 

Or try an ArchERIE Tag session for even more fun! What is ArchErie Tag? It’s like a combination of dodgeball and paintball only using specialized bows and safety arrows for groups of 6 to 10 people.  It's great for birthday parties, team building ... or just a fun time with friends! Use code MACKID1 to save 10%

Date night out!

If you're like me and my husband, you are always looking for something different to do for a date night out. Archery Encounters delivers with its date night special! Have dinner at a nearby restaurant then head to Archery Encounters for a fun shooting session and friendly competition. Absolutely no experience is necessary to have a good time ... as I can attest. Use code MACKID1 to save 10%

Find out more or sign up for an event or class at Archery Encounters, or by calling 814-923-7903. Archery Encounters is located at Millcreek Plaza No. 305, 2070 Interchange Road, Erie, PA.