Steve Spangler Science Kits Inspire Little Scientists

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By Kara Murphy August 11, 2021

My kids love science. 

Let me rephrase that:

My kids LOOOVE science.

They love mixing and pouring and seeing what happens when they put that there or this here ... and they love asking questions. I mean: How many questions can a child ask? This might be a good science experiment.

Anyway, I digress:

My point here is my kids love science, and I love inspiring those little scientists inside of them. So I was really happy to find Steve Spangler Science Club, whose goal is to inspire the next generation of STEMologists ... all while making it easy on us parents to guide kids in an exciting educational experience.

Macaroni KID Downtown Houston publisher Joyce Evans and her kids also love the Steve Spangler Science Kit!

Each month kids in the Steve Spangler Science Club receive a kit with 5 to 8 experiments inside, all designed to teach critical thinking and build a groundwork for learning. The kits are created by top-notch educators, scientists, and engineers and include foolproof instruction cards to complete each experiment.

These Steve Spangler Science Club kits make learning fun. Plus I've noticed STEM based projects keep my kids engaged longer and eager to learn ... and they always look forward to more — all things this mama loves to see. 

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This article is sponsored by Steve Spangler Science, but all opinions are my own.