Win Prizes in Scavenger Hunt at Erie Park

Find 7 blue boxes for a chance to win a Tipsy Bean gift card!

By Macaroni KID Erie August 17, 2022

You could win a prize by finding seven "treasures" hidden throughout Headwaters Park.

The Erie County Conservation District has hidden 7 small blue boxes around Headwater Park, each one containing a unique QR code and habitat or wildlife information. Fill out all 7 QR code forms and be entered in a raffle to win a Tipsy Bean gift card! 

There are clues to help you find the boxes, all of which are attached to trees.

Find all 7 caches and fill out all 7 QR codes to be entered in a raffle for a Tipsy Bean gift card. The winner will be chosen on September 9th so start your hunting!

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You can find maps marked with the general area where the boxes are hidden at the entrance kiosk at the park. The back of the map holds the clues. You can also see the map and clues here.

Here are the hints:

1. ECCD Cache

"An apple a day..

This cache is hidden near the Erie County Conservation District building/parking lot.

2. Garden Cache

"Rooting for you!"

Wheels on the bus go round and round!

3. Wetlands Cache

"It's raining cats and frogs!"

Follow the cats past the boardwalk. Pay attention to your right hand side!

4. Creek Cache

"Where the crawdads sing"

This cache is hidden near a staircase.

5. Wildflower Path Cache


Follow the path and pay close attention to your left hand side.

6. Old Farm Cache

"Branch out"

Many different species of trees here. Nearby to a bridge

7. 1-90 Cache

"Let's take a beech trip"

A cluster of beeches! Left-hand side.

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