Readers Respond: Where's the Best Reuben In Erie?

We asked Macaroni KID readers where to get a Reuben for St. Patrick's Day

By Kara Murphy March 16, 2023

We asked on Facebook: Who makes the best Reubens in Erie? With Molly Brannigan's still closed from a water main break, we needed help with a Plan B for St. Patrick's Day! We expected a few recommendations ... but apparently, we take our Reubens seriously in Erie! We had enough recommendations at places we didn't expect we decided to put together a quick article with Erie's Reuben recommendations! So just in time for St. Patrick's Day, here are our reader recommendations for where to get the best Reuben in Erie:

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McGarrey's Oakwood Cafe

The No. 1 mention from readers!

Other mentions, in no particular order:

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Thinking outside the sandwich box:

We were thinking sandwiches, but Erie's bakers and chefs are thinking outside the sandwich box with these yummy-sounding Reuben-inspired recommendations: