Learning that Lasts a Lifetime: Gannon's Global Leadership Summer Camp

July 31-Aug 4 all-day camp is open to 11-14 year olds

By Macaroni KID July 26, 2023

Are you a parent seeking a transformative and enriching experience for your child this summer? We've got an opportunity for you: The Global Leadership Summer Camp at Gannon University! The camp is open to children ages 11-14 and meets Monday, July 31 through Friday, Aug. 4. There are still limited seats available, so sign your child up now!

Global Leadership Summer Camp at Gannon University

When: 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. July 31-Aug. 4
Ages: 11-14
Throughout the week, students will:
Learn about the topic at hand from Gannon's stellar college faculty and staff
Participate in public speaking and negotiation activities
Meet expert guest speakers
Engage in team building activities
Step into the role of a diplomat during Model UN simulations
Receive a certificate of training as a Model UN Diplomat

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The Global Leadership Summer Camp at Gannon University is an exciting opportunity for kids aged 11 to 14 to explore the world and develop crucial life skills.

Led by Dr. Anjali Sahay, Gannon University's Director of the School of Public Service and Global Affairs, this camp is designed to inspire young minds and foster their passion for global issues, diplomacy, and public speaking. As a professor of International Relations and Political Science, Dr. Sahay has more than two decades of experience running successful Model UN programs, ensuring that your child receives expert guidance throughout the camp.

Through interactive workshops, role-playing, simulations, and structured debates, students will delve into international relations, explore world regions, tackle current political crises, and learn about global sustainability and health challenges.

High school students took part in a Model UN event at Gannon University last fall.

One of the highlights of this camp is the specialized training in Model UN diplomacy. Your child will acquire valuable skills such as negotiation, public speaking, and research – all essential qualities for effective diplomats and leaders. 

Throughout the week, your child will have the unique opportunity to interact with faculty and in fields like the United Nations, International Relations, World Geography, and more. Additionally, faculty members along with community and state government officials will provide valuable insights into public speaking and writing for success, setting your child up for success in various facets of life. 

But it's not all serious learning – the Global Leadership Summer Camp emphasizes fun and camaraderie. Team building activities will strengthen your child's social skills, enabling them to collaborate effectively and make friendships with like-minded peers. By the end of the week, students see dramatic improvements in their public speaking and communication skills – and their self-confidence.

At the end of this unforgettable experience, your child will receive a prestigious certificate of training as a Model UN Diplomat. This recognition is a testament to their dedication and a valuable addition to their academic and extracurricular achievements.

Don't miss this opportunity: Enroll your child today in the Global Leadership Summer Camp!