Headwaters Park

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From the website: 

Headwaters Park is home to the headwaters of Mill Creek. Thirty-five acres, adjacent to the Thomas E. Bundy Industrial Park, was donated by Erie County for the creation of the diverse conservation park.  Don't let the serene sounds and calm views deceive you; there is a multitude of active wildlife throughout the various habitats!

Old logging and farming uses have left scars within the Park, and poor cultivation techniques at one time created harmful runoff patterns.  Thanks to environmental stewards, the Park now boasts numerous Best Management Practices to help manage stormwater runoff before it reaches Mill Creek. 

This parcel of nature is naturally covered with mature hardwoods, native grasses, a broad range of successional plants, wetlands and, of course, Mill Creek. It is the perfect place for a first-rate conservation facility. A wide variety of stormwater management techniques have been implemented with signage to offer information to the public regarding ways to handle runoff and stormwater, along with other conservation demonstrations.  Add to that nearly 3 miles of trails networking throughout the forest and meadows, and Headwaters Park is the perfect place to spend the day hiking, picnicking, walking your dog, and exploring nature!