Scott Park

2600 block of West Sixth StreetErie, PA 16510 Google Map

From Millcreek's website:

Scott Park is a 108 acre park. It is owned by the Millcreek Township and was acquired on July 30, 1983.

Initial Development & History

The park was originally owned by the Erie County government with two phases of development on moneys obtained from Bureau of Outdoor Recreation for a total cost of $367,882. Construction started in the spring of 1978 and the park was deeded to Millcreek Township on July 30, 1983 (mineral rights included).

Existing Equipment

  • 1 Hiking trail
  • 18 Station fitness trail
  • 2 Sand volleyball courts
  • Basketball court
  • BMX Motocross track
  • MYAA Pony League field
  • Outdoor restrooms
  • Picnic pavilion (20 by 40-foot with an 80 people capacity)
  • Playground area
  • Softball field