Camp Fitch YMCA

12600 Abels RoadNorth Springfield, PA 16430
Phone: (877) 863-4824Email: info@campfitchymca.orgWebsite: Visit Website

Our summer campers tell us that Camp Fitch feels like their second home...

At Camp Fitch, our Summer Camp provides kids aged 6–17 with a holistically safe community where they discover friendship and achievement. Kids feel like they belong here among our carefully vetted, highly committed, and caring staff. 

Our gorgeous and well-maintained site on the shore of Lake Erie has been the setting for our intentional culture of putting Christian values into practice for over a century. A transformative Fitch experience is among the most important a child can have to develop independence and self-confidence.

Cost should never be the reason a child cannot attend any of our programs. Please contact us if you would like financial assistance to attend.

We have several experiences for your kids in our Summer Camp program depending on age and interest. Cast off the bowlines and come dream, discover, and explore at Camp Fitch!

Experiences available at Camp Fitch this summer:

Flagship Experience

For kids 6-16, this is our traditional experience that kids from all over the world have enjoyed for over 100 years! We can't wait for you to come be a part of it.

Leadership Development 

Engage your teenager in our leadership development experiences to develop crucial skills in areas like teamwork, empathy, responsibility, and a service mentality.

Teen Adventure Trips

Taking the Fitch Experience on the road allows us to push kids even further out of their comfort zones, build intense friendships based on trust and shared responsibility, and expose them to activities they might never have experienced before.

Equestrian Focus

For children who love horses, being an Outrider is hands-on, in the saddle fun at summer camp!

Tech Focus

Does your child love working on computers? Let them do that all week with like-minded boys and girls while getting a healthy dose of fresh air and sunshine!

Farm Focus

We have created an engaging farm focus to teach children about raising animals, planting seeds and sustainability.

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